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The Best Way to Avoid AC Unit Repair

We spend a lot of our money every year on heating and cooling — indeed, the Department of Energy reports that almost 50% of the average energy bill is spent on heating every year. However, some of the money that goes towards keeping our homes a reasonable temperature might be saved if we had equipment working at maximum efficiency, or were more aware of where hot or cold air flows in and out of our homes. Better maintenance can also reduce the need for air conditioning repair or HVAC repair when we need those services to be working. HVAC experts say that three-quarters of no-heat calls in the winter are due to HVAC’s not being well maintained. Let’s discuss how you can avoid air conditioning repair, why it’s so important to maintain your air conditioner, and who you can call should you wind up needing air conditioning repair after all. 

How Can I Keep From Having to Repair my Air Conditioner? 

Maintenance is one of the key ways to keep from needing air conditioning repair. When the air conditioner is in use, you should clean filters monthly. If it’s an outdoor unit, make sure that debris is regularly removed from the unit to keep coils from getting too dirty or the air conditioner itself from being clogged. 

You should give it a thorough clean both before you use it again for the first time in a season and before you put it away at the end of the season. If you schedule regular maintenance for your AC unit, you can avoid having to do costly repairs or facing an intemperate house. 

Remember to also take the air conditioner cover off before you turn it on. Otherwise, you risk the unit overheating. 

Why Is AC Maintenance So Important? 

Maintaining your air conditioner can extend the longevity of your unit. Though units have become less expensive over time, they’re still an expense that you don’t want to have to replace regularly. Plus, disposing of an AC unit can be another headache in it of itself — it’s better to keep your existing one functional for as long as possible! 

Furthermore, keeping your air conditioning unit maintained means that it’s often more efficient. A more efficient unit means that you likely will save money on your cooling bills, which is always a bonus if you’re running multiple units continuously through the summer months. You could save as much as 5-15% on your energy bills just by maintaining your air conditioner — that adds up! 

If you’re checking in on the status of your air conditioner regularly, you may also notice irregularities or things that aren’t working right ahead of when they could be a problem. Getting an expert in early can potentially save you money on a costly repair or replacement. If you’re not doing a routine check, you might never notice this until your unit stops working altogether. 

Who Should I Call If I Do Need AC Repair? 

An HVAC company or air conditioning professional can help if you do find yourself in need of AC repair. They can do a thorough clean of air filters and coils, unclog any debris, and do an assessment of what you need fixed or replaced. They can also do a more in depth test for any leaks of refrigerant, possible weak spots in seals and ducts, and make sure everything is working correctly electrically. 

If you wind up being in the market for a totally new air conditioner, they might be able to recommend the newest and most energy efficient brand for your home, and provide services for a professional installation. Proper installation is also key — if a unit is improperly installed, it could reduce the efficiency of your cooling system by as much as 30%. 

Don’t let the maintenance of your air conditioning unit fall by the wayside. It’s an important task that needs to get done regularly in order for the most efficient cooling to happen. Keeping up with this can help you avoid problems down the road.