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Spring Cleaning: 3 HVAC Maintenance Tasks to Add to Your List

With spring finally here, homeowners are beginning to start to do work around their houses again. And with the temperatures warming up, a lot of focus goes into the HVAC system. Your HVAC system requires care and maintenance to run efficiently, so let’s take a look at a few simple HVAC repair and maintenance tasks you can do this spring.

Clean the outdoor unit: With the snow gone, it’s time to clean the outdoor air conditioning unit. You should start by removing any grass, weeds, or other plant growth that is too close to the unit — any growth closer than two inches to the unit has the ability to reduce air flow through the unit, so make sure the area is clear. Additionally, you should check the condenser, which is inside the unit. You should remove the unit’s cover and check for debris like dirt, twigs, rocks, and leaves. Cleaning the outdoor unit will allow it to run as efficiently as possible when it gets turned on.

De-clog the filter: One of the easiest things homeowners can do is clean the air filter in their HVAC unit. While HVAC air filters should be changed about every three months for maximum efficiency, this is often a task homeowners forget about. But after a long winter of your HVAC system working as hard as possible to keep your home warm, now is a great time to clean the filter. Filters can quickly become clogged with dirt, dust, and other debris that can cause it to work harder and waste energy. So make sure you clean or replace the air filter so your system can run smoothly all spring long.

Schedule HVAC repair: High temperatures are just around the corner and the last thing you want to happen when it gets hot is to have your air conditioning not working. This is why you should schedule heating and air conditioning services now. An HVAC technician can come to look at your entire system to ensure it’s working properly. Not only will they inspect the exterior condition, but they’ll actually go in and inspect the mechanical and electrical components — which is something that should be done by a professional. This way, any necessary HVAC repair can be done and everything will be in working condition as the temperatures rise.

Hopefully, this short list will allow you to properly care for your HVAC system. And if something is broken or not working, make sure to schedule HVAC repair now to avoid problems later on.