Signs Your Air Handler Needs Service

Signs Your Air Handler Needs Service

If you have a central air heating and air conditioning system, you likely have an air handler.

The air handler provides a vital function in regulating your home’s temperature.

In most homes, it connects the air conditioning unit or heat pump to the air ducts.

Then, it spreads the warmed or cooled air throughout your home.

When you have problems with your air handler, your heating and air conditioning system will not be effective.

Fortunately, a skilled HVAC technician can fix most of these issues. Here are some signs you have a problem with your air handler.


Condensation Problems

The air conditioning process creates condensation throughout the system, especially on humid days.

Normally, your air handler uses drain channels to direct the condensation to a pan where it evaporates.

When the system works smoothly, you should have no problems.

If your unit develops a clogged drain line, water could pool and spill out from under the unit.

Algae, dust, insects, and even rodents are some of the things that can clog the lines.

If you see a pool of water, check the lines for leaks and unclog them if possible.

If you cannot access the lines, have a professional check out the unit for you.


Fan Problems

The air handler’s fan does a lot of work.

The fan frequently runs off and on, even on mild days.

Over time, the fan can start to fail and break down.

Fortunately, it will likely give off some warning signs before it quits.

You may hear odd noises like squeaks and rattles.

Those sounds could indicate a worn fan bearing.

If you hear these noises, shut off the unit until you can get professional help.


Filter Problems

Most air handlers usually have at least one filter.

Filters are one of the most overlooked HVAC maintenance items.

When you have a clogged air handler filter, dirt can accumulate elsewhere in the unit like on the coils.

A buildup of dirt can also affect how your air conditioner or heat pumps run.

If the filter clogs too much, it could create a blockage.

When your airflow isn’t clear, your unit won’t work efficiently.

The best course of action is to either clean or change the filter.

If your filter can be cleaned, try to wipe it down about once a month during heavy use.

Otherwise, change your filter.

You may be able to change the filter yourself.

If not, have a technician change the filter with your yearly maintenance.


Blower Motor Problems

Your air handler has a blower motor that performs a critical function.

Without it, air would be unable to move through the rest of the HVAC system.

Unfortunately, blower motors go bad for several reasons, including electrical issues.

Some models have belts that can break.

They can also accumulate dust and moisture and blow it around the system.

When that happens, your home or business’s air quality can suffer.

Only an HVAC technician should handle these moving electrical parts.


Electrical Problems

Many air handler units have a control panel complete with multiple connectors and capacitors.

A problem in this area could make it look like you have an issue in another area.

A loose wire or poor connection can cause the whole unit to malfunction.

You can also have an electrical problem in another part, such as a loose wire, that could shut down the whole unit.

Like any other HVAC equipment, your air handler needs regular inspection and maintenance.

You may be able to do basic visual checks on your own, but have a professional do any work inside the unit.

If you have air handler problems, contact Chrismon Heating & Cooling for help.

We can do repairs or help set up a new system for your home or business.