Clean the Air You Breathe with Our Powerful Sanitation System

We do not recommend the traditional duct cleaning because it is intrusive to the insulation that is in the duct and then the fibers enter the air way of your home and in turn you breathe them.

We have a duct scrubber that cleans your air without beating up the inside of your duct.

Not only does it clean the air but addresses many airborne germs that we face today.

Our air sanitizer and duct scrubber kill 99% of the virus responsible for swine flu, and well as 99% of bacteria and cold germs, & 97% of airborne mold.

This system is military-endorsed and used in both major hotels and hospitals.

Get more information on our scrubber and how it sanitizes air duct systems by contacting our Greensboro heating & aircrew.


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Find Out How Clean Your Home's Air Really Is

Don't let the air you breathe make you and/or your loved ones sick.

If you suspect that your indoor air quality is poor, schedule testing by our technicians that specialize in HVAC in Greensboro NC.

We will take a sample of your home's air and determine how clean or dirty it is.

If we believe you would benefit from sanitation, we would recommend a service to you.

We may suggest duct cleaning services for your heating and cooling in Greensboro or another proven technique to boost air quality, depending on your circumstances.

Poor air quality is an important concern, especially for households with people who have allergies, asthma, other respiratory issues, or a compromised immune system.

Even if you are in perfect health, debris, germs, and other irritants in the sir can cause headaches, nosebleeds, eye, throat, and sinus irritation and many other issues.

Clean out your home's systems for heating and cooling in Greensboro by scheduling a visit from our crew.


Why We Don’t Recommend Air Duct Cleanings for our Customers in Greensboro

Duct cleaning is a service that most HVAC companies offer. However, air duct cleaning can do more harm to your ducts than good.

Some residents choose to get their air ducts cleaned because they have old ducts that have been sitting in their attic or inside their walls and accumulating dust for several years.

Most HVAC companies will push duct cleaning as a solution to improving indoor air quality, but fail to mention that this service can cause major damage to duct systems that will require repairs in the future.

Experience the difference with Chrismon Heating & Cooling - we prioritize the best interests of our customers. We offer alternative solutions for indoor air quality without risking the integrity of your air duct systems.


These cleaning methods can cause damage to your HVAC system:

The two most popular ways that companies clean a duct system are with a vacuum or a brush.

The vacuum method involves blowing air into one end of the ducts and sucking air from the other.

The brush cleaning method involves inserting a brush into the duct and attempting to collect or loosen the dust.


Problems with vacuum cleaning

Most duct systems are very old, and the vacuum cleaning method causes a rapid increase or decrease of pressure inside the duct.

This causes the fragile plastic to stretch and crack.


Problems with brush cleaning

Since the interior of the ducts is so fragile, the brush itself can potentially crack the plastic lining inside the ducts, which will lead to leaks in the duct system over time.

(Mold Is very serious and should be addressed and the correlation between duct cleaning and mold)

When the cold air from your air conditioning and the heat from your attic combine it causes condensation.

The moisture that is collected over time provides a good breeding ground for algae or mold to grow.

This algae or mold are not always detectable by the human eye, so you could have an issue with mold growth without even being aware of it.

If there is mold in your walls or attic, duct cleaning can pose a health risk because it could cause very small mold particles to be dispersed in the air around your home.

At Chrismon Heating & Cooling, the health of our clients is our number one priority.

We don’t recommend that any of our clients get a duct cleaning.

If you are concerned about dust or indoor air quality, we offer alternative solutions that improve the quality of the air inside your home without risking your family’s safety.