Air Conditioner on the Fritz: 4 Signs You Need to Call an AC Repair Company

air conditioning repairDoes your air conditioning unit seem to run all day long without cooling your home the way it should be? If so, then you’re probably wasting a lot of energy and money on a broken appliance. As any HVAC contractor can tell you, home air conditioning units are some of the most commonly overlooked appliances in the world. Many homeowners have no idea that to keep their HVAC system running efficiently they need to have it inspected by a reputable HVAC company twice a year.

If your AC unit has been making funny noises or just doesn’t seem to be keeping your home cool, you probably need to call in a reputable company for air conditioning repair. There are usually quite a few warning signs before your unit gives up the ghost altogether, and you can find a few of those signs below.

The Air Conditioning System is Blowing Lukewarm Air

If you’ve noticed that your air conditioning system has air coming out of the vents, but it doesn’t seem to be getting any cooler in your home, then you obviously have a problem. It is possible that your system’s compressor isn’t working or your coolant levels are too low. Either way, it’s important to get a reputable Greensboro AC repair company to come out to your home and take care of the problem. If you leave your air conditioner running, it may be using the same or more energy as a system in perfect working order, without the benefits of a cooler home.

Moisture or Ice Is Building Up Near Your System

One clear sign that you are in need of air conditioning repair is moisture building up near your HVAC system. Likewise, if you see ice starting to form on your outdoor unit, call an AC repair company ASAP. Walk around your unit and see if you see any pools of water or moisture that shouldn’t be there. It is possible that the problem is no more serious than a blocked drain tube or clogged vent, but it could be a refrigerant leak, which can be much more serious. It’s important to get either of these problems fixed as soon as possible to prevent further problems with the unit from developing.

Strange Smells

There are a couple of smells that can come from your unit that should prompt you to call in your local HVAC service right away. A musty smell is a sure sign that you have mold inside your unit or ventilation ducts. Mold and mildew can be deadly to you and the family you love, so it’s important to get these issues checked right away.

A pungent, foul smell usually means that the insulation on the wiring in your unit has burnt out. This can be a fire hazard, so calling for AC repair is extremely important.

Strange Sounds

Anytime you hear grinding, grating, or squealing sounds coming from your air conditioning unit, it’s time to call in the professionals. Your unit should be pretty much quiet (aside from a gentle hum when the air is blowing and a fan noise in the unit itself). Ignore these sounds at your own peril; if you don’t have them fixed, you will have to replace your unit in the end.

These are just a few of the top signs that you need to call a reputable air conditioning repair company to come out and repair your AC unit. Remember, any of the signs above can lead to you having to replace instead of repair the unit, which is almost always more expensive.